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Painoyhtymä Oy

Painoyhtymä Oy was established in 1940. In 1966 the company was bought by the Koski family, and from that year on we have as a family-owned company developed our business to meet the challenges of today. Today we employ 50 graphic professionals.
Our organisation is light and flexible, and we can effectively and reliably handle working orders from the beginning to the end.

Painoyhtymä Oy's special area has traditionally been cold-set web offset printing. In 2003 a sheet printing company, Östra Nylands Tryckeri Ab - Itä-Uudenmaan Paino Oy, with a history of more than 100 years, was merged with Painoyhtymä Oy. Furthermore, in September 2005 Painoyhtymä Oy bought the business of the printing company Laakapaino Oy, situated in the nearby town Porvoo. Along with this purchase we could also add heat-set web offset printing and several possibilities for after treatment to our range of services.

The business is now centrated to the facilities of Laakapaino in Porvoo. Thanks to this we can today offer our customers a wide product portfolio, from small advertising products up to thick catalogues, all under the same roof. Also the transportations are handled fluently both to our domestic customers and to the ones all over the world.