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Quality and Environment

Kim Koski

Dear visitor of our home pages,

You have now found your way to the home pages of an experienced and well-known printing house in Finland. From here you can find information about our company, our services, and also about the requirements regarding the originations of today.
We serve our customers with all kinds of printed matters, from smaller sheetfed printed products up to big catalogue wholenesses. Our products are delivered both to our own country and exported to several countries. Do not hesitate to contact us and let us show what we can do.
Our printing house is situated in Porvoo, half an hour away from Helsinki. We have been praised to be serviceminded and reliable, and we have also received positive response about our quality and price level. These are things that we will probably have to live with. However, we will not remain where we are, but instead we remember that the starting point for our business is to offer high quality products together with a good service.

Welcome to get to know us more closely !

Kim Koski, managing director


The business of Painoyhtymä is concentrated to one point in Porvoo
Painoyhtymä has signed environmental contract with PYR
Hansel and Painoyhtymä signed framework agreement on printed matters